A National Model for School-Based Preventative Health and Wellness

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Board, Staff, External Partners and Stakeholders


A robust collective impact effort that ensures every LAUSD student is healthy enough to learn and achieve

OUR SCOPE:        

Theory of Change, Strategic Planning, Implementation Planning



Grow in Sustainability, Scale, and Impact

The Los Angeles Trust for Children’s Health works to ensure that every student in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)—the nation’s second largest school district—has the physical, mental, and oral healthcare they need. Since 2003, we have worked with the Trust as they have seized opportunities for progressive expansion of their impact. At critical junctures, we've supported them to jumpstart and focus their efforts through strategic planning, process facilitation, executive hire, stakeholder engagement, and board development.

In 2009, we facilitated a visioning process for The L.A. Trust’s Board and LAUSD leaders, in which they conceptualized a plan to build comprehensive Wellness Centers across the District to serve students, families, and communities. The L.A. Trust would be the backbone organization for this collective impact effort to improve the mental, physical, and oral health of LAUSD students.

By 2013, The L.A. Trust was repositioned in their role as the backbone organization and poised to grow in sustainability, scale, and impact. The organization brought us in to help set an ambitious but realistic strategic plan for the next three years.



From Volunteer-Led to Backbone for Multi-million Dollar Investment

With our support, The L.A. Trust has grown from a small, volunteer-led organization in 2003, to a million-dollar backbone with a significant platform within LAUSD and L.A. County. In this role, they advocate for District and County investment in comprehensive healthcare services, champion the crucial connection between student health and academic success, and are a clearinghouse for data collection and ongoing learning, connection, and collaboration among District and Wellness Center staff. 

Our most recent strategic planning work with The L.A. Trust in 2014 has helped the organization spur both internal organizational growth and expansion of LAUSD wellness services. Recently, their staff has tripled and the LAUSD School Board committed an additional $50 million in funding to expand Wellness Centers and improve services. In 2015, we worked with The Trust on a plan to optimize the $50 million investment to most effectively address student, family, and community wellbeing through new and improved facilities and programs.