50+ Organizations Leveraging Collective Strength

Cross-sector County-wide Network Case Study



Los Angeles County Perinatal and Early Childhood Home Visitation Consortium


Cross-sector network of over 50 early childhood providers, funders, and advocates


More sustainably funded and accessible voluntary home-based parent coaching in support of LA County’s youngest kids

OUR SCOPE:        

Strategic Planning & Plan Implementation, Network & Leadership Team Development



Cultivate a Culture of Collaboration

In 2014, we began working with County leaders in home visitation to re-design and re-launch a cross-sector network of over 50 providers, funders, and advocates to collectively coordinate, measure, and advocate for high quality home-based support for parents in L.A. County.

Home visiting is a proven way to strengthen families, so the 150,000 babies born every year in L.A. County grow up healthy, safe and ready to learn. Despite evidence for the efficacy of home-based parent coaching, however, efforts in L.A. County have been fragmented, insufficient for the need, and not sustainably funded. Consortium leaders envisioned a network that could leverage resources and influence to increase public and philanthropic support for home visitation. To rise up to this vision, they needed a consultant to guide the development of shared vision, goals, metrics, and work processes among stakeholders.



National Exemplar of Collective Progress

In 2014, we facilitated a planning process that established a foundation of trust among Consortium members and created direction and tools for ongoing collaboration, including shared five-year strategic objectives and metrics, a membership charter, and re-designed network structure. Throughout the process, we worked with members to build a culture of consensus-based decision-making and broad participation that enhanced members’ collective capacity.

As a result of our work, funding for the Consortium increased. The network hired a staff coordinator, with whom we worked closely to transition the Consortium to a new operating structure, in which the coordinator manages volunteer-led workgroups and the membership – which self-governs through a consensus-based approach. We continue to provide ongoing facilitation and capacity-building support, monitor strategic plan implementation, set annual action plans, brand the Consortium, and establish its online presence. We are also conducting an evaluation of the Consortium’s functioning, governance, and workgroups, which will inform future advocacy efforts and process improvements.

In 2016, Gina co-presented with Consortium staff at 6th Annual National Quality of Home Visiting Summit to showcase L.A. County as a national exemplar of collective progress.