Strategic Restructuring for $1.5 Billion Nonprofit Senior Housing Providers

Affiliating Nonprofits Case Study



HumanGood, large nonprofit provider of senior communities


Board and Executive Teams from two mature organizations


To be leading innovators in aging well by creating engaged community living for seniors

OUR SCOPE:        

Strategic Planning, Team Development, Executive Coaching



Grow in Sustainability, Scale, and Impact

Facilitate Strategic Decision-Making for an Innovative Future: How do two of the largest nonprofit providers of senior living communities come together to effectively deploy $1.5 billion in assets? What strategies, capabilities, and tools do they need to be industry leaders?

 In 2015, and ABHOW joined forces to form HumanGood, which together serves nearly 10,000 residents in 84 seniors communities in six states. During the process, leaders wanted to develop a collaborative strategic plan that would envision their future affiliated organization. They needed an expert planner with both nonprofit and business experience who could facilitate strategic decision-making for an innovative future, while also building relationships among the leaders of two separate, mature organizations.

Having worked with our firm to plan and execute upon ambitious strategic goals since 2013,'s leaders brought us in to help HumanGood set a collective strategic trajectory.



Unity and Strategic Direction for Industry Leaders

Just like we did with previously, we led organizational leaders through the Playing to Win methodology (developed by Lafferty and Martin) to generate and vet alternative strategic pathways and make concrete decisions about divestment, renewed investment, and new investment. Crucially, we engaged all executives and board members in the planning process, which improved the quality and consistency of the resulting strategic plan and built unity between the leaders of both organizations around shared aspirations and strategic priorities.

Once a shared aspiration and direction was established, we engaged staff leadership in strengthening their practices and preparing to implement their plans. We continue working with leaders to operationalize their plan, including preparing board and management of the affordable housing business line to implement their strategic initiative.